Academic Booklets

Do you want the comprehensive, detailed information we offer in our laminated guides in a smaller format? Look no further than BarCharts’ popular line of booklets that cover many of the top subjects—Mathematics, English, Science or foreign languages—found in our regular guides. Each booklet is conveniently sized for easy portability and features color-coded chapters that make finding specific topics a breeze.

chemistry booklets
  • 144 full-color pages in each booklet
  • Includes pitfalls to watch out for
  • Color-coded chapters to find information quickly
  • Small format can easily fit in a pocket
  • Only $6.95
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Atlas of Human Anatomy

Medical students, doctors, and nurses can learn so much from BarCharts’ renowned Human Atlas Anatomy, which includes over 220 pages of detailed illustrations covering every major system in the human body. No medical professional should be without it!

clinical atlas of human anatomy
  • Color-coded chapters provide easy reference and correspond to the table of contents
  • Multiple illustrations for 15 different human body systems
  • Abbreviations key included for every chapter
  • 228 full-color pages by award-winning anatomical illustrator Vincent Perez
  • Over 3 million QuickStudy® anatomical guides have been sold
  • Only $24.95
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Nursing: Student & Career Reference

Our new nursing book provides real-world knowledge that will prepare nursing students for school and the reality of a nursing career. It’s like having your own personal nursing coach by your side. Our easy-to-read format includes color-coded chapters to quickly locate information to prepare for class exams, the NCLEX-RX exam, and well beyond the classroom!

medical booklets
  • To-the-point information, without the fluff
  • Proven content that nurses and students can rely on
  • Covers assessment, procedural skills, key medical math, terminology, pharmacology, and more
  • Over 320 full-color pages
  • Like a personal nursing coach
  • Only $34.95
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