What is QuickStudy®?

We live in a time-starved age in which everyone is looking for instant information without having to search multiple places to find it. We want just the facts—the important stuff without the fluff. That’s why QuickStudy® laminated reference guides have been so successful for over 20 years now. QuickStudy® is a system that communicates information in the right way so that people can understand it. And best of all—they’re laminated! Who doesn’t like things laminated?

  • Laminated to handle daily use or spilled coffee.
  • Organized by table of contents to find the information you need quickly.
  • Summary of the new features you need to know.
  • Screen caps communicate to users what they see on the screen..
  • Clear and concise information written by expert computer trainers who know what you need

Our guides are packed with organized information, helping readers understand the topics more efficiently. We condense 24–30 pages of key information into just 4 or 6 laminated pages. Each guide contains over 6,000 words of key facts—without the fluff. With their slim and portable size, they beat those huge computer manuals sitting on the shelf!


Why QuickStudy®?

  • Boost Employee Productivity & Increase Retention Rate—Organized with the purpose of streamlining education, retaining information, and boosting productivity.
  • Maximize ROI on Software Upgrades—Software is a huge investment for organizations. Why make that investment unless employees fully utilize it? QuickStudy® software reference guides give employees the core information they need to make the most of the software and your investment.
  • Add Value to Your Training Investment—Our titles build knowledge retention which ensures that your companies training investment has the maximum impact on your business.
  • Reduce Help Desk Calls—Reduce the number of calls to your company’s help desk. Using QuickStudy® to eliminate trivial calls means your help desk can now focus more on important issues.


Don't take our word for it—read what people have to say about the success of QuickStudy.

“When the new Office applications came out I wasn’t sure how all of my employees would get up-to-speed with the new software. That’s when I found out about your QuickStudy® Microsoft office guides. All the new features are right there for them to reference and now we won’t have the cost of a training seminar. It couldn’t be any easier. Thank you.”

—D. Preston

“I use a variety of your guides for quick references throughout the day. In this field, you cannot remember all the commands, or shortcuts, and having a well-organized quick-reference is a must.”

—Vince, UPMC Health Systems

“I have used your QuickStudy® guides first as a student in preparation for a career and then later in my professional career as a refresher, or a quick summary of something new I wanted to learn. I find them very helpful and quite often they answer questions I didn’t know I had.”

—Valencia Breckenridge, Director of Development at Pioneer Clubs

“When training to use Word, it is sometimes difficult for the trainees to understand the meaning of each button. QuickStudy® products are written with easy-to-understand definitions.”

—K. Callaway, Training Supervisor

We Do Customization!

Does your company publish employee handbooks, computer manuals on your software, or binders of information for training purposes? You need the QuickStudy® format. We are able to stuff over 30 pages of information, illustrations, and diagrams into a 2- or 3-panel laminated guide; giving your employees the information they need right at their fingertips, all with your branding!

It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3…

The dictionary definition of custom is “made to order.” We do exactly that! You can (1) choose any of our titles with your logo and contact information, (2) use our design team to create a guide in our format using your own specific information, or (3) provide your press-ready files and we will print and laminate your title. Regardless of the option you choose, you will be receiving the highest quality training tool on the market.

training quick reference

Customize our existing content.

Want your logo on our Excel or Word guides? Do you have additional information you would like to include from our other guides? Pick and choose what works for your company from our content and we will easily put it together for you!

laminated quick reference guides
Design booklet in word

We design it, print it, and laminate it.

We take your content, condense it, and then design the road map to help your employees get the information they are looking for, using our proven format.
Ways to use QuickStudy® in your company:

  • Training Manuals
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Procedure Guidelines
  • Sales Literature
  • Software
  • And much more!
Print employee handbooks

You design it; we print and laminate it.

Since we have been in the business for over 20 years now, we know printing and laminating. We can work with your organization to get the best pricing possible, making sure that you receive the highest quality on all finished pieces.

Digital eGuides

We have converted our best-selling titles into PDF formats and then partnered with industry leaders for digital distribution and protection of our content. With QuickStudy® eGuides, you now have the option to choose from any of the 400 best-selling titles available or grab one of the many bundled sets that we only offer digitally.


What you get with digital QuickStudy® eGuides

  1. Clickable table of contents allows users to focus on areas in which they need help
  2. Users can search by term and be taken to that term directly, in the guide
  3. The same best-selling content, design, and layout users have come to expect from QuickStudy® digital books
  4. Only $3.95-$6.95


Download our corporate catalog from the link below and stay up to date on all our latest products.

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