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Offering the most effective study tools on the market, QuickStudy covers the most valuable information in more than 500 different subject areas.


We offer portable 8 1/2” x 11” guides, stand-alone easels, helpful books, handy flash cards, eye-catching posters, and fun-filled calendars. Whether used alone or together, these different formats make learning easy.


QuickStudy contains only the most pertinent information combined with helpful illustrations and photos, as well as colorful graphs and charts. We take the most important facts and points on each subject, remove the fluff, and leave you with everything you need to know.


All our products are designed with bold headings and color-coded information for you to easily read and find information fast. They are also packed with full-color diagrams, illustrations, and charts to make learning easier and fun.


We guarantee that our academic study guides will get you better grades! Combined with class notes and the course textbook, it's the perfect equation for success. However, if you're not completely satisfied using our product, send it back to us for a full refund.

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Our Products

QuickStudy comes in several different sizes and formats. From laminated study guides to academic flashcards to hands-free flipchart and cheat sheets, we have something for everyone. Let us explore what QuickStudy has to offer!

Full Size Laminated Reference Guides

Our most popular line of study tools, the panel guides have comprehensive information covering a wide range of course outlines—from academic subjects that include algebra and chemistry to the medical field, business matters and home improvement tips. Each guide is laminated for extra protection and is presented in an easy-to-use format that incorporates color-coded sections for easy reference; full-color illustrations, charts, and graphs are often included. With over 550 titles currently available, there’s something for everyone!


  • 8 1/2″ x 11″ format with 1, 2, or 3 panels
  • Fluff-free and sealed with lamination
  • A textbook’s worth of information
  • Detailed illustrations to reinforce learning
  • Over 550 titles available
  • Only $3.95–$7.95
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Pocket Guides

For the medical field, we offer 12 pocket-size titles that include comprehensive, up-to-date content found in our regular study guides. Measuring at 4″x6″, these class notes are of perfect size to fit in a pocket or a lab coat.


  • 4′ x 6′ pocket guide format with 2 panels
  • Small size to fit in a pocket or lab coat
  • Fluff-free and sealed with lamination
  • Perfect for the medical field
  • 12 pocket guides available
  • Only $3.95
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Anatomy pocket open


Are you looking for comprehensive, detailed information in the form of laminated cheat sheets in a smaller format? Look no further than BarCharts’ line of booklets, your on-the-go tutor. They cover many of the top subjects including Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Algebra, foreign languages etc. and these can be found in our best-selling guides. For a larger, more detailed view on the medical topics, have a look at our Atlas of Human Anatomy and Nursing: Student & Career books.


  • Bold headings and color-coded chapters that help in finding information quickly
  • Fluff-free content with useful diagrams and vivid illustrations
  • Each booklet contains over 140 full-color pages and retails for $6.95
  • Atlas of Human Anatomy book contains 228 full-color pages by award-winning anatomical illustrator Vincent Perez and retails for $24.95
  • Nursing: Student & Career Reference book contains over 320 full-color pages and retails for $34.95
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Our newest product line, the QuickStudy Easel, offers a hands-free alternative to the traditional QuickStudy guide. Keeping the busy students and professionals in mind, we’ve incorporated some of our best-selling guides into an easy-to-use free-standing flipcharts.


  • 21 pages of QuickStudy content means more facts per page than a book
  • Quick and convenient
  • Contains everything you need to know on a subject (anatomy, vocabulary and periodic table of elements)
  • Faster reference than anywhere else
  • Nine titles available
  • Only $14.95-$19.95
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Flash Cards

If you’d like to test yourself for that big English or Chemistry exam, give the BarCharts’ line of handy flash card boxed sets a try—you’ll see better grades in a flash! Each set features a unique series of cards with detailed problems, questions, or examples on one side and answers on the other; these cards are color-coded to help you find specific sections in a snap. With their small format and portability, these boxed sets are perfect for anyone on the go.


  • Anatomy flash cards contain 300 full-color cards on 14 human-body systems (surface, skeletal, joints & ligaments, muscular, nervous, brain, senses, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, heart, lymphatic, urogenital and reproductive), with images on one side and labels on the other side and retail for $24.95
  • Our academic flash cards contain 1,000 cards and retail from $13.95 to $15.95
  • All card sets are organized into tabbed subject categories to find information quickly
  • We also offer blank flash cards for $8.95 to create your own boxed set
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You won’t experience any negative “hang-ups” when you use our line of QuickStudy academic posters—the perfect accessory for any classroom, dorm room, home, or office. These posters feature human anatomy, the periodic table of elements, and the U.S. and world maps, incorporating the same comprehensive information found in our regular laminated guides. Plus, they will make your walls a little more exciting!


  • Full color and highly detailed
  • Fluff-free
  • Select posters available in paper, rest are laminated
  • Only $6.95–$17.95
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world map wall chart


Notebooks with eye-catching, vibrant designs and built-in study guides inside. Take notes for class and find answers in a snap. Customized designer notes fill space typically wasted, offering more value than any notebook on the market. With two tools in one, parents see immediate value of the design and answers their kids’ needs, right on the cover and inside.


  • Notebook and study guide all in one
  • College ruled paper in 8 1/2″ x 11″ format
  • Perforated for clean tear-outs
  • Four subjects available: algebra, chemistry, English, and Spanish
  • Only $5.49
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A two pocket folder that includes a built-in study guide makes these folders the most valuable product of its kind. With two tools in one, parents and students can see the value.


  • Folder and study guide all in one
  • two-pocket folder
  • QuickStudy® content on front, back and inside pockets
  • Four subjects available: algebra, chemistry, English, and Spanish
  • Only $2.49
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