It’s true that QuickStudy® products sell themselves, but do you want to know how to really maximize profits? We’ve included all the information you need to make sure QuickStudy® flies off the shelves. Browse through the following sections on this page, and learn about the best ways to market and merchandise QuickStudy®. Read more on what other stores have to say about our products and the successes they have had in our Case Studies section. Learn more about Professor Adoption and how you can bring a boost to your store by participating in our free sampling and course adoption program for professors. Need help with setting up online Shelf Talkers to promote QuickStudy® under the corresponding textbook? Download our step-by-step instructions in Marketing Information. While you’re there, read about the free marketing materials that you can place in your store to make students more aware of QuickStudy® and what the products can do for their grades.

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Learn more about how QuickStudy can benefit your bookstore's online and store sales:

Catalogs & Forms

Download a copy of our catalogs and order forms to make sure you always have the latest products!

Case Studies

Read what bookstore managers have to say about QuickStudy

Selling QuickStudy® is a great add-on for your store, especially when placed under the textbook where the student see them the most! It’s no mystery that students love QuickStudy® and so do the bookstore managers. Read the following case studies below to hear what these managers have to say about adding QuickStudy® in their stores, or download a PDF of the full version of our “Best of Bookstores” case study here!

“We decided to incorporate QuickStudy® products into the textbook area about 10 years ago and the program was an instant success. Every year it has grown and we continue to add more disciplines. They are an inexpensive tool that we can provide. We want our students to be successful in the classroom and the QuickStudy® products support that goal.” —T. Clayton, Textbook Manager


12 month sales—over $21,000 retail in QuickStudy® products!

“Our trade book department has continued to shrink due to declining sales and a lack of store space. We have stocked BarCharts for years and they continue to be our strongest line in the trade book category. For stores not adding these as recommended to their website or using Shelf Talkers during rush times, you are missing sales.” —T. Glaab, Associate Manager


12 month sales—over $22,000 retail in QuickStudy® products!

“Every year we continue to see our QuickStudy® sales go up and up. The students like the ease of use and the style—it’s an all around great product.” —B. Wojak, Store Manager


12 month sales—over $42,000 retail in QuickStudy® products!

“It is important to us to help our students be successful. QuickStudy® products are very useful to help students to do well on tests and boost their overall grades. They break down the main and important points of the subject making it easier for students to study for their exams.” —M. Anderson, Manager

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12 month sales—over $23,000 retail in QuickStudy® products!

Merchandising Equation for Success

Make sure to follow these four simple steps of the equation to ensure the highest possible profits!

A + B + C + D = Boost in Sales!

A. Shelf Talkers (Risers)

Shelf Talkers boost sales

Put the guides where students can see them most—right underneath the textbooks.

B. Online


If students are ordering textbooks online, list QuickStudy® as optional or bookstore recommended underneath the textbooks and watch your sales soar! Click here for online listing instructions.

C. Extra Display


Added exposures = added sales. Stores putting an extra 32-slot display at checkout have seen fantastic sales!

D. NO Empty Pockets


Don’t let your display pockets go empty. Empty pockets = empty pockets!

Professor Adoption

FREE samples for professors!

As you know, using Shelf Talkers (a.k.a. risers) and listing QuickStudy® online underneath the corresponding textbooks are great ways to sell QuickStudy®. To really fast track your sales, take part in our professor sampling program. Course adoptions are the #1 way to sell QuickStudy® products, and BarCharts wants to partner with you to help spread the word by having your professors adopt them.

Fast track your sales!

Read what other professors are saying about QuickStudy®:

“We’ve never seen anything like your guides. They have all the basics right in front of the student.” —Professor Mary Henderson, Parker Community College

“As a professor of 25 years, I’ve never seen anything so complete and totally useful to our students.” —Professor Paula Shock, University of Houston

“Your guides are very comprehensive, with detailed illustrations. It’s a great course supplement.” —Professor Bill Riser, Valley Community College

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Online Instructions

Need help setting up your online store to display QuickStudy® underneath the textbook? Download our step-by-step instructions.

Promotional Materials

Make sure to grab students’ attention using our free promotional materials in your store. You’ll be glad you did!


Keys to College Success & Keys to High School Success Guides*

FREE for students, these guides offer a great way to build QuickStudy®brand awareness on your campus. Including either of these pieces in freshman orientation packages is a great way to help students become aware of QuickStudy®. *$10.00 per 100 (shipping & handling).



To promote QuickStudy®, hang these 22″ x 28″ posters in the front of your store where the students will see them.


Features & Benefits Card**

BarCharts has created a special 4″ x 6″ Features & Benefits card for your employees. This is a great tool to educate seasonal employees about QuickStudy® and is an important piece in the handselling process. **$5.00 per 50 (shipping & handling).



To promote QuickStudy®, place these attractive postcards at checkout where the students will see them.



Get these stickers for your employees to wear during rush.


FREE Digital Guides

These free digital guides are great for use in email campaigns or on your website. Over 20 titles are available, including Business Facts, Catch Phrases, Dorm Room Recipes, Email Etiquette, Medical Facts, Pick-Up Lines, Stupid Jokes, and many more!


FREE T-shirts

Have your employees wear these soft, comfortable QuickStudy® T-shirts during rush.


QuickStudy® Contest

Sign your store up during rush for our QuickStudy® Contest and win cash prizes! We will supply T-shirts, brochures, and handouts for you to promote QuickStudy®. Click here for details and to enter.

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