Online Digital Retailer

While we don’t yet offer digital PDF versions of our laminated reference guides for sale on our own Web site, VitalSource is a great retailer that does. They offer our complete catalog of QuickStudy reference guides, so click the button below and start shopping today!

QuickStudy Digital Retailers

Browse our full catalog of digital QuickStudy reference guides. Click the button to get started.

Digital Reader Apps

Are you a student or educator looking to buy QuickStudy through your school? You can purchase our digital content through these reader apps. Click the links below to get set up with an account and start downloading digital QuickStudy guides.

QuickStudy Digital Retailers

Yuzu is a learning platform that delivers an enhanced digital reading experience with access to a broad digital catalog.

QuickStudy Digital Retailer

BryteWave Reader is a full-featured digital textbook reader and study tool all in one.


Intel Education offers enhanced learning with educational technology.

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