You won’t experience any negative “hang-ups” when you use our line of QuickStudy® academic posters—the perfect accessory for any classroom, dorm room, home or office. These laminated posters feature human anatomy, the periodic table of elements and the U.S. and world maps, incorporating the same comprehensive, detailed information found in our regular laminated guides. Plus, they will make your walls look a little more exciting!

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academic wall chart


Our line of QuickStudy® posters is always expanding to offer beautifully illustrated views on specific systems of the human body. With over eight titles to choose from, we offer the most complete anatomical posters on the market. Larger illustrations and limited background color make studying the human form easier and will make your office, dorm or home walls more interesting!

anatomy and physiology posters
  • Hundreds of anatomical identifications
  • High-quality anatomical illustrations by award-winning illustrator Vincent Perez
  • Anatomy Poster available in paper or laminated — all other anatomical posters are available in laminate only
  • $6.95–$17.95


Atlas Maps
  • Detailed topography of Earth’s surface
  • Labeled states, cities, and geographical areas of interest
  • City type size is based on population
  • Attractive and stylish design
  • Full color, measuring 50″ x 32″
  • Available in paper or laminated
  • Only $6.95–$10.95

Periodic Table

laminated periodic table wall chart
  • Contains detailed information on all the elements in the periodic table
  • Attractive design with color-coded information
  • Measures 36″ x 24″
  • Available in paper or laminated
  • Only $6.95–$10.95
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