Your walls just got more exciting!

We’ve expanded our line of products so that you can learn all the year round. Now you can stare for some time in our Space – Far, Far Away calendar and learn more about the wonders beyond our world. Learn new facts and tips about your favorite pet with our Dogs Unleashed and Cats calendars. You will also be able to travel across our great country without leaving your chair via our America – Unusual Journeys calendar.

Combined with beautiful photographic images along with fun facts on each subject, our calendars come packed with interesting details and stories, trivia, quotes, tips, and more. Each month in the calendar, features sufficient space for notes, holidays, and moon phases. If that’s not enough, you also get the correlating 6-page laminated guide included with purchase, which is worth $5.95 – $6.95 value free!


Space – Far, Far Away contains awe-inspiring photos of space and helps you venture in the nebulae and you also get to know other interesting details about the space missions and the astronauts who flew them. This calendar features: high resolution photography from NASA; NASA mission, shuttle, and astronaut highlights, history and information on nebulae, stars, and planets, quotes from astronauts, science fiction writers, etc.

Dogs Unleashed is a perfect tribute to man’s best friend that comes with our laminated Dog Care guide on caring for your loyal pet. Each month displays great photos along with history, traits of breeds, famous dogs, heroic dogs and even more. Did you know a Yorkie served in WW2 and was honored? Or that a certain dog breed’s fur is made into yarn for clothing that feels even warmer than wool? Each month brings new and exciting facts you never knew about dogs.

Cats pays homage to our ancient companions and comes with our Cat Care laminated guide on caring for your feline friend. Each month displays great photos along with the history, characteristics and traits of breeds, famous cats, feline nature and physical abilities, senses, myths and superstitions, record breaking cats and more for each month.

America – Unusual Journeys contains beautiful landscapes and lesser known gems of our country. It includes a laminated World and the US Map guide with purchase. Each month displays beautiful photos of interesting landscapes and historical landmarks with the location, trivia or history of what could be your next travel destination. From the caves of ice and ghost towns, to castles made out of coral, venture off the beaten path to take the road less traveled on this interesting journey through America.


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