QuickStudy Study Guides + Notebooks + Folders = Better Grades
We have the equation for student success! Combine our student-tested, parent-approved laminated study guides with our newest products, QuickStudy Notebooks and Folders, and you have the powerhouse of study essentials. Whether you have a Kindergarten student or you’re studying for your postgraduate degree, BarCharts wants to help every student succeed academically.

1. QuickStudy Laminated Study Guides
QuickStudy laminated study guides feature an easy-to-use format. They incorporates color-coded sections for easy reference along with full-color illustrations, charts, and graphs. With over 550 titles of QuickStudy guides currently available, there’s something for everyone and every subject.
Better yet, they also come with a better grade guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your QuickStudy guide you can return it for a full refund. Find out more at www.quickstudypromise.com.

2. QuickStudy Notebooks
The college-ruled, spiral-bound notebooks are the perfect study companion and in-class resource. Take notes for class and find answers in a snap. QuickStudy content is featured on the front cover, back cover, and dividing insert page. Using space usually wasted in other notebooks, QuickStudy notebooks cover the most important information in your algebra, English, chemistry, and Spanish classes.

3. QuickStudy Folders
A two-pocket folder that includes a built-in study guide makes these folders the most valuable product of its kind. Featuring clear, concise QuickStudy content on the front and back covers and inside pockets, these folders are useful for studying, homework, and in-class answers. Available for algebra, English, chemistry, and Spanish.

BarCharts has been in the business of helping people learn more efficiently and study more effectively for over 20 years. In addition to study guides, notebooks, and folders, we also offer flash cards, books, posters, and free-standing easels. Find the product that’s right for you and learn quick and learn smart. Learn more at www.quickstudy.com