Looking for a New Fundraising Idea?

Looking for a New Fundraising Idea?`` subtitle=``Look no further than QuickStudy® laminated reference guides. With key facts and information on hundreds of subjects, and sealed with protective lamination, there is nothing like QuickStudy® laminated reference guides for your fundraising program. Candy melts, wrapping paper is seasonal, and who needs 5 pounds of cookie dough? Sell QuickStudy® laminated reference guides and sell knowledge for your next fundraiser—it's healthier for the body and the mind too!

first aid reference guide

Why QuickStudy®?

  • Great alternative to pizza, candy, wrapping paper, or cookie dough. There’s a title for everyone.
  • Earn up to 50% profit.
  • BarCharts will donate 2% of your net sales—the more you sell, the more money your group earns.
  • Top producer receives $100 retail value of BarCharts products.
  • Proven product—in business since 1991 with over 50 million guides in print.
  • FREE brochures and posters available to promote your fundraiser.

Great Item For:

sports league fundraising

Sports Leagues

scouts fundraising ideas


high school fundraising ideas

School Clubs

pta fundraising ideas



“When I started looking for fundraisers, I wanted something different, something that would feed the mind and not the belly. QuickStudy® guides from BarCharts did this wonderfully. After selling for two months, our core group of four boys has sold over $800 worth of guides, and as word of mouth spreads, the orders keep coming in. I’m one of those parents that hated taking the box of candy bars to work; I felt that I was doing the work for my boy, that his involvement was minimized—not with QuickStudy®. I would recommend this fundraiser for any scout, school, or club.”

—Barry P.

Choose Your Program Or Use Both


Step 1. Call 1-800-226-7799, extension 3023, or email Marnee Nichols at [email protected] to register your group.
Step 2. Customize your group’s page with copy and images.
Step 3. Invite everyone to order from your online page. Use Facebook and get the word out.
Step 4. At the end of your fundraiser, BarCharts will give you 40%-50% of all sales generated through your page based on your volume of sales.


Step 1. Call 1-800-226-7799, extension 3023, or email Marnee Nichols at [email protected] to register your group.
Step 2. Order your QuickStudy® fundraising kits, which include folder, catalog, sample, and order takers.
Step 3. Have your students begin selling. They can collect money now or upon delivery.
Step 4. Submit your orders. They will be grouped by student and you make 40%-50% profit!

We also offer the ability to personalize or customize any title with your group’s name and contact information. Fill out the form below and start selling QuickStudy® for your fundraiser today!

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