We decided to develop flash cards based on how a human brain works. Researching anatomy flash cards for sale before 2008, it was striking how many cards did not follow a system that promoted retention.

“Focus – Visualize – Retain” is printed on most of our Anatomy flash card boxes. This mantra of a study method is important for moving short-term memory items to long-term memory. The brain can hold between 5 to 9 items for a short-term and the first key to retaining those items is focus. Using findings from memory research, we simplified our cards to just the illustration and labeled the parts with no paragraphs or distracting information, as that would distract the eye’s focus away from the goal. The names of parts on one side, blank lines on the other. In a risky move that seems opposite to the idea that more is better, we reduced the number of parts named per card and kept it to 9 and 17. After all, they are FLASH cards and we are QuickStudy. This will allow the brain to have a number of items within limits of retention after using the cards only a few times. Plus it will not clutter a card with so many labels that you might as well be studying from a book. Be it either skeletal flashcards, brain, digestive, respiratory, muscular or any other body part, we have flashcards for the complete human anatomy.

The lines to the labeled body parts are in the exact spot when you flip the card over to make use of the visual-spatial aspect of memory. This further anchor’s the body part illustration and its name you need to know in long-term memory. Saying the words out loud for auditory memory, will also help in the studying process and will enhance retention even more.

Being the lowest priced set of anatomy flash cards available helps in making it easier to own a set of two, which would equal just one set from another publisher. The success of the cards over many years tells us our customers are happy and need more help. Our new set of Anatomy 2 Flash Cards allows us to cover more anatomical parts using a proven system that will help anyone achieve their career and life-goal dreams.

Joe Hauer – Product Developer