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Apr 2017

Earth Day

Earth Day – The Largest Secular Holiday in the World A Little History Earth Day is not just about celebrating our home planet for one day and planting trees. It’s a day to learn how to bring about environmental awareness to change human behavior and provoke policy changes. Started by a group of Columbia University students in late 1969, it was first celebrated on March 21 in 1970 to coincide

At BarCharts we love our customers and we want them to succeed in school and their careers, that’s why we are giving away TWO $500 scholarships! This year, as a kick off to National Student Day we pledged to celebrate our students and their hard work by making life less stressful. We know how tough (and expensive) college can be, so we want to help lighten the load. If you

Your walls just got more exciting! We’ve expanded our line of products so that you can learn all the year round. Now you can stare for some time in our Space – Far, Far Away calendar and learn more about the wonders beyond our world. Learn new facts and tips about your favorite pet with our Dogs Unleashed and Cats calendars. You will also be able to travel across our

We decided to develop flash cards based on how a human brain works. Researching anatomy flash cards for sale before 2008, it was striking how many cards did not follow a system that promoted retention. “Focus – Visualize – Retain” is printed on most of our Anatomy flash card boxes. This mantra of a study method is important for moving short-term memory items to long-term memory. The brain can hold

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